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Automated Firewall Configuration

360-FAAR and SuperFAAR provide firewall engineers with the policy analysis, policy rebuild and object and policy cross referencing and creation capabilities they need to meet the requirements of todays rapidly evolving networks. 

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Dan Martin: I have been using this in brownfield environments, with great success, over the last 8 years, down load and find out how for yourself...

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360 Analytics Ltd: 360-FAAR

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360 Analytics Ltd. is a software company dedicated to writing highly reliable firewall analysis and operational tooling software,  released in both open source and enterprise editions capable of automating complex firewall policy operations.

360-FAAR is an open source firewall analysis, policy rebuild and configuration tool.  It is intended to provide a toolkit for firewall engineers and analysts to use to plan, analyse and implement complex network changes in enterprise brown field environments, and to provide the visability required to be confident in the integrety of the results generated.

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360-FAARen and SuperFAAR are enterprise editions of the open soure 360-FAAR.  These editions include complex rulebase and log file processing options that reduce firewall cleanup and policy rebuild operations to matter of selecting the rulebase and accepting the default options (press ‘.’) 

360-FAARen provides enterprise grade complex rulebase analysis capabilities in a portable format to use where you need it.  SuperFAAR augments these capabilities with database storage and multi client access to allow you to make the most of the enhanced algorithms and make comparisons over time.

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360 Analytics Ltd. provides three levels of support for SuperFAAR and 360-FAARen.  These equate to the maximum length of time that can elapse before a fix is provided.
1 Week, 24 Hour and 12 Hour bug resoluton SLA available.

36Zero Network Analytics Ltd. is a partner company that provides IT security consultancy services based on the capabilities of 360 Analytics Ltd software teamed with well trodden industry experience and proven cautions methodologies that provide results.

  • SuperFAAR and 360-FAARen are available with:
  • Service Provider and End User Licenses
  • Start with a small instance of SuperFAAR
  • Scale up processing and storage over time.
  • Keep consistent easily understandable and
  • Reimplementable records of changes to
  • Firewall policies, and perfect over time.
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